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The Top Ten Favorite Posts From My Second Year of Blogging

Well, it has been a second year of blogging for Ish Ism. Yes, my first blog post was April 1st, 2012. This second year was clearly harder for me than the first year. They say life has seasons… and this season was a stressful one for me.

1.) I am in my third year of graduate school studying for a comprehensive exam. Studying for the exam takes a lot of time, and I am actually taking it March 31st to April 3rd. So… as this auto post goes up, I am in the middle of a brutal exam. To survive the exam I am fully stocked with coffee, coffee cream, bread, lunch meat, coffee, swiss cheese, coffee, chocolate milk, Soft Batch Cookies, peanuts, and coffee.

2.) I became a foster parent… which apparently also needs coffee.

3.) I am the director of a new blog about food studies. Which, when combined with the other two… needs coffee.

Foster parenting + directing a blog + graduate school + comprehensive exam + marriage = little time for blogging and lots of stress. But by the end of June I will be done with directing the food studies blog, and finished with the comprehensive exam. Thank you to those who continue to drop by even as my blogging has become less regular.

Anyway, following are my top ten favorite posts from my second year of blogging! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

1.) The Seattle Marathon

2.) Today I became a Dad for the First Time

3.) Foster Care Day 26 – Using Cloth Diapers

4.) I finished the Eugene Marathon

5.) My First Time Oil Painting in over 20 Years

6.) Happy Little Trees and the Joy of Painting

7.) Sunset on the Oregon Coast

8.) Cooking with the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook

9.) Spider Web in Ice

10.) Reblog from my Wife’s Blog “Things I have actually had to say”

Marathon Training Day 490: Recovering from a Foot Injury and the 2014 Eugene Marathon

Yesterday I tested out my injured foot for the first time since the Seattle Marathon (2013). Today that injured foot does not seem to be sore… so that’s a good sign!! The Seattle Marathon was my first time running a full marathon and I finished it.  The Seattle Marathon was very hilly, cold, and it had a lot of pavement. In fact I think the entire course was on pavement. The combination of the hills and pavement were not great for my right foot which had already been sore before running the Seattle Marathon. But… like I said I finished it.

I am still very happy to have finished the marathon. Finishing a marathon had been on my bucket list for a VERY long time. But now I want to finish a full marathon without stopping to walk. I do not have the marathon addiction bug that some people seem to get. But I had to walk a lot in the Seattle marathon because of the hills and my injured foot. Therefore I want another crack at a full marathon to see what I can really do. Thus… the mostly flat 2014 Eugene Marathon is on my radar.

The problem with the Eugene Marathon is that it has been moved to July… the end of July. You know… the hottest time of the year. So yes the course is flat. But I am not sure I want to tackle a FULL marathon in July. Yes it will start in the morning… but still. Who knows. It is Oregon so maybe it will rain 😉

I started my marathon training a long time ago… and I had to work my way up to the Seattle Marathon. This time I have a lot of the physical and mental stuff under control but I need my foot to get better. If my foot proves to be better after a few more short test runs, then I will register for the Eugene Marathon. I have until February 28th to register before the “next” price increase.

So yes… there is a financial decision tied in with the physical decision. Sure… it is only a $10 increase. But that $10 can buy a large pizza… an important financial loss when someone is in college 😀

Marathon Training Day 473: What is this Lingering Foot Injury?

Amica Seattle Marathon 2013

On December 1st of 2013 I ran my first marathon, the Seattle Marathon. This was a bucket list item so finishing it felt great. However I appear to have a lingering injury on my right foot. Specifically the injury is within my right foot.

Although I am not a medical doctor I do not believe the foot is broken or fractured because the pain is not every day. Furthermore, I am not even sure if it qualifies as pain… perhaps discomfort is a more accurate and less dramatic description. It does not alter my ability to walk or stand and the discomfort is not a sharp/biting pain. The discomfort level feels more like a bruise that reappears every few days.

The foot injury is located right behind the toe joints for the middle three toes on my right foot. My guess is that this is plantar fasciitis, but that is just a guess for this foot injury. I have been resting since my epic December 1st marathon run in Seattle… yet this injury remains. This lingering injury has contributed to me not running since the marathon… and it existed a few weeks before running the Seattle Marathon.

Until I get this foot injury figured out I will not register for half or full marathons this year.

Because it does not hurt everyday I am unsure what to do… If my insurance paid for a physical therapist I would do that. What foot injuries have you had from running (or in general)? How did you treat them?

The Seattle Marathon

View from our Seattle hotel room balcony

Greetings. I finished the Seattle marathon today. It was my first marathon. Plus, running a marathon was a bucket list item.

My legs hurt!!! At miles 9, 11, and 16 one of my legs cramped up but the cramps worked themselves out as I ran. At 16.5 miles both legs cramped up, which forced me to finish the marathon by walking, stretching, and slow jogging. At mile 21 I was thinking about the massage I pre-paid for. FYI, a massage after a marathon is a brilliant idea!

I finished the marathon in 4 hours, 46 minutes, 9 seconds. There were a lot of hills, and some strong wind, but no rain or snow. Now I am sipping chardonnay and laying in bed. Both legs hurt… but I finished the marathon.

Marathon Training Day 415: The Seattle Marathon is right around the corner

On December 1st I run my first marathon: the Seattle Marathon. Last Monday, eight days ago, I ran 21.2 miles. My goal was to run 27 miles but I overslept, and then ran out of time. I was really, really, really slow. Something happens to me during training. When race day happens, at least for half marathons, I have run much faster because of the adrenaline. But in training I have been unable to push myself to run fast. It’s like my warp core only comes online if there is a Klingon Bird of Prey in the area… or if I am actually running in a race. The difference between my training times and half marathon times has been dramatic… almost 30 minutes.

What is the difference? I don’t know. It is not a crisis… but it is a little frustrating to not be able to run faster in training. Theoretically if I run faster in training then I will run even faster in the actual marathon. My goal for the full marathon is to run the entire thing without stopping to walk. I can do that (unless I get hurt). However, can I truly count on shaving an hour off my training run for the actual marathon? I want to run the full marathon in under 4-hours. Even 3:59:59 counts! But… my best half marathon time is 1:54:45 at the Eugene Marathon. Doubling 1:54:45 makes sense mathematically. But doubling 1:54:45 does not make sense when you consider that was me pushing my body to its limits in a half marathon.

As I am in the final weeks of training, I am now faced with a dilemma. Do I say screw-it and just go for the time of 4 hours? This could result in my body having a complete break-down around the 16-mile mark… warp core implosion, thruster burnout, all shields failing… netting me a time of 6 or more hours as I drag myself across the finish line. Or… will my body hold up… and I finish in a time of 3 hours, 45 minutes? I have read stories about people who qualified for the Boston Marathon by accident because they signed up to do a half and ran the full marathon when they missed a turn. That is a mental “luxury” I do not have. I will not mistakenly run as hard as I can for a half marathon distance and accidentally run the full marathon.

Life is short. There are plenty of marathons in the world… and plenty of opportunities to run more. But this is my first. Having trained for over a year I suddenly find myself in a strange position. My primary goal is to finish without stopping to walk. My secondary goal is to finish in under 4-hours. If I go for my secondary goal… I could have a warp core disaster resulting in missing my primary and secondary goals. What are your thoughts?


As many of you know, I have been raising money for Womenspace through my marathons. Thank you for everyone who has supported me thus far. And there is still time to give a few dollars to help by visiting my fundraising page.

Thank you and have a great day!

The Canby Dahlia Run 2013, Canby Oregon
I finished the Canby Dahlia Run … 1 hour, 58 minutes, 41 seconds

Next stop… December 1st, 2013… the Seattle Marathon.