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Should the New York Marathon be held this year?

The Mayor of New York City says holding the marathon will show the city’s ability to go on about hard times. But the NY Times notes that, “Critics of the plan to hold the marathon also say that diverting the police and fire crews to perform marathon duties is a misuse of precious public services.”

Thousands or runners are scheduled to compete this Sunday.

I am training for my first marathon. But, let’s say my marathon was the New York marathon scheduled for Sunday. Would I go? Should this marathon even be happening in the first place after Hurricane Sandy?

I’m not sure I would go. To me it would feel strange to have the paramedics, firefighters, police and volunteers who have been working all week for the Hurricane Sandy recovery… to then be there providing safety for the marathon.

On a broader scale, though, other major sporting events on the east coast will go on. The Steelers are playing the Giants. And the Miami Heat are scheduled to play the Knicks. Should these events be happening?

According to Espn: Miami’s Dwyane Wadedoesn’t think the teams should play Friday. “We shouldn’t B hre 2 play a basketball game when theirs so many families obviously still R affected by #Sandy,” Wade tweeted. “I luv playing in the garden but cnt do nothing but think abt all the families that dont have power,food,water etc..ths is a tragic hit 4 ths gr8 city,”

If you were a marathon runner registered in the New York City marathon, would you still compete? If you ARE a runner registered in the New York City marathon, are you still competing? What are your thoughts?

A mighty tower walking through the Philippines

I am a giant! I am a hulking mass of muscle. I duck to get in through some doorways… and where I walk, I am the tallest of the tall. Some homes I am forced to watch my head so I do not cut it on the edge of the tin roof (honestly).

The truth is I am only 5-9. But I am in a country where the maximum height for things is 5-7 (I think). The chairs, the cars, the toilets, showers, tables… all have been made for someone smaller than I. The Jeepneys force me to bend over, and sometimes I crawl… because my legs are too long to comfortably move around inside one of the famous Philippine taxis. How did this happen? In America, I am barely above average for my height.

I can feel it in my knees when I sit at a chair made for someone slightly smaller. I feel it in my back when I walk in a door and duck to avoid the tin roof.

In the Philippines I am a mighty tower. This is all so very strange because in high school I was one of the shortest kids in my graduating class (boy or girl) at 5′-6″.

I do not feel taller or more powerful as I walk down the streets of the Philippines. But it is definitely different at 5-9 to be a giant.

Now I know how NBA basketball players feel in America… because nearly everything here feels made for someone smaller than I.

Steve Nash signs with the Lakers!!

Wow… ESPN reports: In an unforeseen twist that could thrust the Los Angeles Lakers straight back into title contention, two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has successfully negotiated a sign-and-trade deal from the Phoenix Suns to the Lakers that will team him up with Kobe Bryant, according to sources with knowledge of the deal.

The Lakers gave up draft picks, not players, according to ESPN.

How about this trade for some 4th of July fireworks!? The NBA landscape has changed… but does this make the Lakers the team to beat? Steve Nash is great… but he is also 38. In most careers that is middle age or young. But in NBA career years that is reeeeallly old. Despite the age I think it’s a great pick-up… but does it make the Lakers the team to beat?