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Marathon Training Issue #8: I Lost 5 Pounds In One Day

I’m sure there are women who hate me. Possibly even some wrestlers or boxers. But yes, a few days ago I lost five pounds in one day. My wife watched me weigh in before and after the run because I was concerned about how much weight I was losing for each long run.

I am not happy about it and it has weirded me out a little for this whole marathon gig. I doubled the amount of fluids I drink while running, but I obviously am not drinking enough. According to a study discussed on webmd, the average weight loss for marathoners was 2.3-percent of their body weight. My weight loss was 2.9-percent of my body weight… but I only ran 12 miles. That is less than half a marathon!! This is an issue because I am not sure how to drink more on my long training runs.

I will try different clothing so that I sweat less… but other than that I feel like I hit a wall in my marathon training. Am I supposed to run with a giant jug of water in my hands? I was concerned about eating while running… but now drinking while running seems to be the issue.

Marathon Training Issue #7: Eating While Running 26.2 Miles

Seattle Marathon

What do you normally eat while running 26.2 miles? WHAT!? — You’ve never tried to run and eat at the same time? Well, that is my next issue as I train for the Seattle marathon. My body is a machine, and as such it needs fuel to sustain it for the duration of this run. I find that around 6 miles my fuel reserves have burned up. For the past two Wednesdays I have run 8.14 miles. So it is time to start eating while running to take my marathon training to the next level.

My main concern is getting sick. Have I ever thrown up before, during, or after a run? Nope. Not once. But for me to reach the finish line I will need to eat something… and I have never eaten anything while running cross country/5k races.

Have any of you tried LÄRABAR? This seem to meet a lot of the necessary requirements “I have” for food… Fair Trade, no-GMO, etc.


I need to eat something when I do longer runs… especially when I do the marathon length training runs. What are your thoughts?

In other marathon training news:

I am officially registered for the Seattle Marathon. Of the possible additional race options I purchased the post-marathon massage. It sounds awesome…

In addition, I have contacted a local charity. I am waiting for them to reply back to make sure they are okay with me fund raising for them during my marathons. If they say no for some reason, then I will try someone else! I am looking into using either or IR4C.COM.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Marathon Training Issue #6: Running For Charity?

Greetings faithful readers! As you know, I am taking foster care classes with my wife. In addition, I will be running in my first FULL marathon this December. On top of all that I am in the middle of writing my masters paper. Earning a masters degree has bogged down a lot of my “change the world” hopes and dreams. I’m stuck reading and reading and reading without doing much of anything to actually make a difference. Foster care will, of course, make a big difference to people when my wife and I get to that point. Continue reading Marathon Training Issue #6: Running For Charity?

Marathon Training Issue #5: Expert Runner Advice Wanted

Seattle Marathon

Apparently I have very little idea what I am doing in this marathon. I will be running in my first marathon this December. I thought I knew what I was doing until I saw the list of options to buy for the Seattle Marathon.

Those options are:

Bus Course Tour: ($20)

Post marathon Massage: ($18)

Carbo Load Dinner: ($23)

Lots of shirts, sweaters, etc: (various prices)

Acupuncture: (free)

Obviously this is not a crisis.

But which of the above options do I actually need considering this is my first marathon? I’m not going to be setting a land speed record in this event. My goal is to finish the race without stopping to walk. To do that, my main concern is wearing the right shoes (which I believe I have thanks to my wife).

The bus tour might be important but I’m not trying to win the race… just finish without walking. To me the only thing that looks worth while is the post race massage! What are your thoughts? Do dedicated marathon runners use the bus tour or carbo load dinner?

I am sure they are all nice things but I am on a budget.

In addition, I was slightly intimidated by the times the award ceremonies start. The men’s award ceremony starts 3 hours and 15 minutes after the marathon starts. I expect to still be running at that time. Seriously? I know the people who have a chance to win will beat me by at least an hour, but knowing they will be getting their awards while I am still running feels weird.

I hope the awards ceremony isn’t near the finish line. I don’t want to be in the background of someone’s award photo. I’m sure there will be an 80-year-old woman who passes me at the finish line… and then I will be in the background of someone’s award photo… getting passed by an elderly woman.

Photos: Reflecting On Seattle

At Seattle’s Pike Place Market, we found a photographer who uses simple (yet genius) camera angles to take amazing photographs. Scott Cahill Rude, owner of Reflecting on Seattle, was very nice to talk to… and if you are in the Seattle area I encourage you to stop by his shop.

Here are samples of his work:

Reflecting on Seattle, Scott Cahill Rude
Reflecting on Seattle, Scott Cahill Rude