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Awkward Things Sports Reporters Say

If you have watched a sports broadcast over the past five years, then you have most likely heard the sideline reporter, who reports on a player’s status after an injury. My wife and I get a chuckle from this report. Not because a player is hurt! There is nothing funny about that. But it is the  shorthand language that sideline reports use to report these injuries which makes us smile.

“He has a right knee,” says the intrepid reporter. This is meant to report the player has a right knee injury. A casual listener would think it is a good thing the player has a right knee. But alas, in sports lingo, having a knee (right or left) is actually a bad thing.

Other standard injury reports include:

He has a shoulder… He has an ankle… He has an ACL … He has a concussion…

The casual listener would want all of these except the concussion. Granted, there is very little time for sideline reporting when each sports broadcast must include some or all of the following: shots of some player blowing snot out his nose, cheerleaders, people spilling beer in the stands, a kid in the stands sleeping, a player spitting, a close up of some player’s crotch, a super hot woman in the stands, drunk people dancing in the stands, commercial breaks, and references to games coming up later today or next week.

I have not watched enough women’s sports to know if sideline reporters do the same thing for those broadcasts. With all that said, is it possible to give sideline reporters .2 seconds more airtime so they can say the word “injury” when doing their sideline reporting?

America Invests in the Future of College Coaches

Is your state's highest paid employee a coach?

Greetings. Each week I try to post at least one comic strip or graphic that makes you (or me) think. The above graphic shows who is the highest-paid public employee for each state. Public employee means they work at a state institution funded by public money (taxes). This is not a debate I am well versed in, but I thought the graphic was interesting and I wanted your thoughts about it.

Does anyone know if the above graphic is accurate? I have no problem accepting that a coach is the highest paid employee at a college. That is pretty easy for me to accept. I’m not sure if the graphic is accurate because of the contribution of athletic boosters. It is true that several colleges lose money because of their athletic programs. But, at least for the big time programs, there is normally a megarich booster (or several boosters) who support a lot of the athletic programs. Does it still count as being a public employee when so much of the money comes from private funds instead of taxes? This is more semantics than anything. The main argument presented in this article is that having a big-time athletic program that generates millions in revenue doesn’t really matter because the coaches’ salaries prevent this money from going back to the college.

Perhaps the more disappointing part of this graphic should be that it reflects American priorities for education. The highest paid person at many colleges is not a professor… but an athletic coach. The potential investment in our nation’s future does not go into teachers, research or technology… but to coaches.

What are your thoughts?

Marathon Training Day 196: For runners, what does it mean to have a personal record?

Running Bunny - My Easter Post
Running Bunny

What does it mean to have a personal record? I am 37 years old, and I am wondering if it is okay to “reboot” some of my personal records? A couple weeks ago I ran the fastest mile ever while training for this marathon. That mile time was 7 minutes and 4 seconds.

That is a record for my marathon training, but it is not a personal record. I ran much faster when I was in high school. Even though I am happy with the 7:04 time, I also know it is not a real personal record. On the other hand, is it possible for my 37-year-old body to run at my young high school speed? I honestly cannot remember what I ran in high school. I was not a great long distance runner. On the days I did not feel well in high school I ran around a 6 minute mile which was slow. Monday I will give it another go to get into the 6 minute mile range. Even if it is 6:59 it counts.

Currently I count the 7:04 as my personal best because I rebooted my personal records. If there are any running purists out there who are offended, I would love to hear your input as to why rebooting my personal records might be sacrilegious in the running world. After all, these are personal records not Olympic records.

I did set an all-time “real” personal best on Saturday. I ran 8.14 milies in 1 hour, 16 minutes, 28 seconds. When I calculated that out I figured I would run a 2 hour, 3 minute half marathon time if I kept that pace … but my math and other thinking skills have been a little wonky over spring break 😀

Current personal records:

  • 1 mile – 7:04 (previous 7:55)
  • 4.07 miles – 35:57 (previous 36:40)
  • 8.14 miles – 1:16:28 (previous, um, really fast??)
  • 12.21 miles – 2:07 (previous, also reeeeallly fast… trust me)
  • 13.56 miles – 2:18:48 (previous record, ran 13.56 miles without stopping to walk)

That’s all for now! Have a wonderful day!

The Canby Dahlia Marathon

Canby Dahlia Half MarathonMonday I registered for a second half marathon, The Canby Dahlia Marathon. It is located in Canby, Oregon and this means I will be running through the famous Dahlia flower gardens. Granted, I have never run in a marathon before… but this marathon is going to be the most beautiful marathon I have ever run in. It takes place in August.

So, now I have my three marathons scheduled for this year. The Eugene Half Marathon, the Canby Dahlia Half Marathon, and then the marathon I am training for… the full Seattle Marathon in December!! I am starting to get excited. The Eugene Half Marathon is only 6 weeks away… and I started training last September. It’s almost here! AAAAAHHHHH!!!

In other marathon training news, today I ran my fastest 4.07 miles… I ran it in 35 minutes and 57 seconds. I wish I had a 4 mile route because then it would be easier to calculate my mile times.

Marathon Training Day 179: I Only Lost 4 Pounds Yesterday

The Running Trail that I do most of my marathon training on
The Running Trail that I do most of my marathon training on. I took this on my phone. If you have a good computer screen you can see the faint rainbow just above the tree tops (it is near the top of the tall, leafless tree in the center of the photo).

Yesterday I ran 13.56 miles in 2 hours, 18 minutes, 58 seconds. When I finished yesterday I felt like I had a full body “ouchie.”  I hydrated better without drinking too much water/gatorade, wore different clothes, and lost only 4 pounds during the run. Overall I felt okay when the run was over. A week or two ago when I lost a little over five pounds during a 12 mile run I did not feel great.

I am only concerned about the weight loss if it makes me dizzy, as in dehydration.

Some strange things happened during my run yesterday.

  1. My lower back mildly cramped up… but I kept running and it went away.
  2. My right leg, just below the right knee, cramped up a little… I kept running. That is a little tender today, so I am stretching and rubbing my legs. This means I may only do some stationary biking tomorrow instead of my normal 1.5 mile run/weight lifting.
  3. My right forearm cramped up when I was running. I have NEVER experienced this before. It did not scare me but it did surprise me. My right forearm is a little tender today, but in general my entire body feels tight but no pain.

Other than that, it has been a positive week for running. My fundraising website officially went up Monday, and my body has not needed duct tape to hold it together.