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I want my “Back to the Future” Hoverboard

Above is a video of the Aerofex Hoverbike (2012). I decided to look up hoverbikes after seeing one in a Honda Civic Si commercial during football today. However, all this video does is make me want the Back to the Future hoverboard. I have wanted a hoverboard ever since seeing Back to the Future II. If I am 75-years-old when the hoverboard is finally invented and available for purchase, I will still ride it. Some people dream of going to at least one Super Bowl… others dream of setting foot on Mars. I want a hoverboard.

Based on the images from Aerofex, a hoverbike seems like it is still years away from hitting the consumer market… which means the “hoverboard” is even farther away. Sigh, the future seems so far away.

Anyone have a Delorean with a flux capacitor I can borrow?

The Canby Dahlia Marathon

Canby Dahlia Half MarathonMonday I registered for a second half marathon, The Canby Dahlia Marathon. It is located in Canby, Oregon and this means I will be running through the famous Dahlia flower gardens. Granted, I have never run in a marathon before… but this marathon is going to be the most beautiful marathon I have ever run in. It takes place in August.

So, now I have my three marathons scheduled for this year. The Eugene Half Marathon, the Canby Dahlia Half Marathon, and then the marathon I am training for… the full Seattle Marathon in December!! I am starting to get excited. The Eugene Half Marathon is only 6 weeks away… and I started training last September. It’s almost here! AAAAAHHHHH!!!

In other marathon training news, today I ran my fastest 4.07 miles… I ran it in 35 minutes and 57 seconds. I wish I had a 4 mile route because then it would be easier to calculate my mile times.

Marathon Training Day 175: Time Travel and Running Ramblings

This morning, despite the horrific space time rupture, I ran four miles before attending church. I had ample warning about the cosmic temporal distortion, a.k.a. daylight savings time. But hearing about it and experiencing it were too different things. Even with a quart of liquid schwartz, I was Spaceballs the Quiz, able to crash land in my bed after church … for a three hour nap.

It’s a good thing I’m not a graduate student with reading and other things to do today. Oh wait… hmmm, so I do need those three hours back. Drats.

I don’t remember feeling this disoriented when I was younger. It is only one hour… but today it feels more like jet lag. Not just regular jet lag… but like when I time traveled from the Philippines to the USA.

Anyway, I hope your daylight savings was more enjoyable than mine. On a positive note, I ran 4.07 miles this morning in 39 minutes, 28 seconds… and also finished my running for charity website which goes live tomorrow!