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Will President Trump Make The Purge A Reality?

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

What if The Purge was a movie made by time travelers who came back to warn us about the Presidency of Donald Trump? Is it too late to save our great nation?While I was watching The Purge, it never even crossed my mind, Modern Philosophers, that the film might have been made by time travelers who came back to warn Americans about the Presidency of Donald Trump!

Now that I’ve had some time to form Deep Thoughts on the subject, I’m beginning to think that this theory holds a lot of water.

And even if the flick wasn’t made for by Hollywood time travelers seeking to rewrite history, don’t you think there’s at least the possibility that President Trump would make The Purge a reality?

The man’s platform seems to be solidly built on hate speech, the vilifying of foreigners, and the promise of taking extreme measures to make this country great again.  Plus, we know that he takes great pride in his Reality TV accomplishments.

The America depicted in The Purge was supposedly set in the 2020s.  That would make…

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I don’t have the clothing to be poor

Ranting About Rectangles

I live in a very poor area. Most of the people around me are of an age where we would expect them to be retired, and many others are living on disability payments after years of working in the lumber industry. It’s an area of small houses, low rent apartments, and lots of social service assistance.

Fourteen months ago at Christmas we were a bit low on cash, and decided to use one of the social service supports that are available for Christmas presents for children in low income families.

To do so, I had to do the following:
On one day, I had to drive in my car about a mile from the nearest bus stop, park, find an unmarked pop up canopy on the roadside, and pick up a numbered ticket. Based on the number on the ticket, the worker told me approximately what time my number group…

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Is your dog’s health at risk? Read my surprising NYT story


By Caitlin Kelly

Dogs! Let's keep them safeDogs! Let’s keep them safe

Sometimes, as a journalist, I get to write a story I know is going to help a lot of people.

This is one.

I discovered the story when I recently read a friend’s status update on Facebook; their beloved terrier had almost died of heatstroke. Not, as everyone knows now, locked inside a car.

Out walking, or hiking, or running.

The world is hotter than ever; temperatures today in California are up to 105 Fahrenheit.

And our dogs want to keep us happy — they won’t stop running, even panting so hard they might burst — until they’re in very rough condition. By then it can be too late, and they’re already in organ failure, sometimes soon to die.

Dogs are dying of heatstroke. The symptoms are easy to miss.

Please make time to read my story and tweet/reblog this one.


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The Words Every Adoptive Mom Longs to Hear…

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


Like most other adoptive parents, I adopted children because I, selfishly, wanted children. (My theory was if I had children to care for, I really didn’t have a lot of extra time to clean the house. I would rather care for a child than mop the floor…) An adoptive parent should never think their child who is adopted is beholden to them. The child didn’t choose to be born into their circumstances, and they certainly didn’t ask to be adopted. And I have had more than my share of emotionally unstable children, (aren’t all teenagers unstable anyway?) and never expected them to be happy about my choice to adopt them, (or at least not to express that feeling.)

But I was wrong. I went to Marie’s award ceremony at school today. Most parents didn’t go, it was during the day and I’m sure it was hard for them to get…

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