Do you want to get out of depression?

Do you want to get out of depression?

Do you want to get out of depression?This self-help book about beating depression is special; it is not written by an academic, but by a person who overcame his own depression by following the techniques in the book. If you struggle with depression, you will be able to identify with the author and the text. “Rise from Darkness” was written by someone who really understands how you feel.

Key content

  • How to improve your mood here and now
  • Learn to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to eliminate negative thought patterns
  • Techniques from Positive Psychology to help you change focus to the bright spots of your life
  • Learn mediation and self-hypnosis to work with your subconscious

Imagine being Administrator of NASA the day after John F. Kennedy promised to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. It must have seemed overwhelming. You cannot complete such complex projects in a single go; you need to divide them into many small and achievable tasks. Then, just take on the individual tasks one at a time. You can follow the same strategy to overcome depression.

Kristian Hall went through eleven years of deep depression as a teenager and student. He overcame his depression by practicing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. His personal development did not stop there, he used the same techniques to overcome life’s other challenges, and to become a thoroughly happy person.

You can improve your life a lot, and your path may start with this book!