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@GTFF_3544: Letter to the Editor: UO Composition Program calls for ‘ethical discourse’ in GTFF negotiations #college
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Foster Care Recovery

My wife and I recently finished a very difficult five month placement of foster children. It was difficult for a few reasons: the kids were dealing with a lot of emotional baggage; the paperwork describing their emotional baggage was not accurate; the kids were violent towards animals… and we have cats and a dog; and the kids were violent towards my wife and I.

I am unsure if I will run the Eugene Marathon at the end of July because one of the children caused pain to my feet and right knee.

The world is full of kids who need help, but if my wife and I are not ready… then we need to keep saying no when we get requests to take in foster kids. With that said, my wife and I are in an empty house because we are not physically or emotionally ready to deal with more foster children. It has been over a week since the kids left, and it may be another week or two before my wife and I are recovered.