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Marathon Training Issue #8: I Lost 5 Pounds In One Day

I’m sure there are women who hate me. Possibly even some wrestlers or boxers. But yes, a few days ago I lost five pounds in one day. My wife watched me weigh in before and after the run because I was concerned about how much weight I was losing for each long run.

I am not happy about it and it has weirded me out a little for this whole marathon gig. I doubled the amount of fluids I drink while running, but I obviously am not drinking enough. According to a study discussed on webmd, the average weight loss for marathoners was 2.3-percent of their body weight. My weight loss was 2.9-percent of my body weight… but I only ran 12 miles. That is less than half a marathon!! This is an issue because I am not sure how to drink more on my long training runs.

I will try different clothing so that I sweat less… but other than that I feel like I hit a wall in my marathon training. Am I supposed to run with a giant jug of water in my hands? I was concerned about eating while running… but now drinking while running seems to be the issue.

Marathon Training Issue #7: Eating While Running 26.2 Miles

Seattle Marathon

What do you normally eat while running 26.2 miles? WHAT!? — You’ve never tried to run and eat at the same time? Well, that is my next issue as I train for the Seattle marathon. My body is a machine, and as such it needs fuel to sustain it for the duration of this run. I find that around 6 miles my fuel reserves have burned up. For the past two Wednesdays I have run 8.14 miles. So it is time to start eating while running to take my marathon training to the next level.

My main concern is getting sick. Have I ever thrown up before, during, or after a run? Nope. Not once. But for me to reach the finish line I will need to eat something… and I have never eaten anything while running cross country/5k races.

Have any of you tried LÄRABAR? This seem to meet a lot of the necessary requirements “I have” for food… Fair Trade, no-GMO, etc.


I need to eat something when I do longer runs… especially when I do the marathon length training runs. What are your thoughts?

In other marathon training news:

I am officially registered for the Seattle Marathon. Of the possible additional race options I purchased the post-marathon massage. It sounds awesome…

In addition, I have contacted a local charity. I am waiting for them to reply back to make sure they are okay with me fund raising for them during my marathons. If they say no for some reason, then I will try someone else! I am looking into using either crowdrise.com or IR4C.COM.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!