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More adventures with opossums, or, this is how marriage works

This is what I did for Mother’s Day

Ranting About Rectangles

This morning started out like any other morning. I was half awake, in my pajamas, outside feeding the rabbits and chickens. And then my husband shouted from the garage door “There’s an opossum in the cat food!”

It was suddenly not an ordinary day, and I was very awake.

Turns out a very young opossum had gotten into our garage and into the cat food bag. The cat and dog food bags are stored in an aluminum trash can with a tight fitting lid, but it must not have been put on correctly last night. It happens; I’m just glad hubby looked into the bag before reaching in.

The ‘possum wasn’t going anywhere, so hubby went inside to put on something more substantial than pajamas. I got the pitchfork and decided to make sure THIS opossum never graduated to eating my chicken’s eggs – but hubby had other ideas.

“Do you really…

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Life Is Best Spent …

Calvin & Hobbes - calvin-and-hobbes Wallpaper
Life is best spent with … “Calvin and Hobbes”

I am still working on the master’s paper despite many late night hours this week. Friday I was up past 5:30 a.m. but it is still not done.

Some things are more important. The terrible events this past week in Boston, China and Texas are enough proof that life is unpredictable. My ETA for delivering my master’s paper to my thesis review committee is Thursday, April 25th. Even with that deadline pressure… spending time with my wife was more important. With that said… I stopped working on the master’s paper Friday at 6 p.m. … and I did not work on it at all on Saturday just so I could spend time with my wife.

I hope you are also able to put into perspective the things that are truly important!

I Could Be Dead … and Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Lights, http://www.ishism.com

The event happened on Interstate-25, which runs through Colorado Springs. I was headed home after helping decorate for a Christmas party in 2009 in Colorado Springs. At the time I owned a 2007 Honda Civic.

The sky was clear, and there was no snow or ice on the ground. It was a typical Colorado Springs winter… 70s one day, and freezing/snow the next day. This was one of the warmer days. And despite helping decorate for the Christmas party which would happen in a few hours, at the time Christmas was not in my top 350 days of the year. So I was feeling a bit bahumbuggish. So, as I interpreted the limits of the speed limit on my way home to get dressed for the party that I had helped decorate for… I became trapped behind slow cars. Continue reading I Could Be Dead … and Merry Christmas

I said “NO” to John Madden Football

Dear John Madden Football,

First of all, I assure you I am a mostly sane person. I am not ill… aliens have not taken over my body. I am not suffering from a head injury. I am not experimenting with legal or illegal drugs. And I am not experiencing a mid-life crisis (or any other type of crisis).

Second of all, I love you John Madden Football. Love, love, love you. Continue reading I said “NO” to John Madden Football