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Watch “Actor Orlando Jones Creates a ‘Bullet Bucket Chal…” on YouTube

Actor Orlando Jones Creates a ‘Bullet Bucket Chal…: http://youtu.be/tYPjLF8Uews

Orlando Jones – “Bullet Bucket Challenge”

Orlando Jones explained the Bullet Bucket Challenge to Fusion.net:

ORLANDO JONES: First of all, the “ice bucket challenge” sort of started elsewhere, and the ALS Association is a completely worthy and incredible organization. They’ve raised millions of dollars, which is kind of amazing.

Thinking about what has been happening in America over the course of the last week, it seemed like tons of celebrities had done the ice bucket challenge to bring attention to the disease. I wanted to do what ALS did, co-opt a viral thing and make it my own, to talk about the insanity happening in Ferguson and just around the world. My parents are like, “It’s the ’60s again.”