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Gone Fishin’ … for Rocks and Trees?

So my wife and I went fishing Saturday. Apparently we were not clear about our goals… which can be a problem in some marriages. You know the “C-word”: communication. I assumed we were going fishing to catch fish.

At least I had my camera with me to document our triumphant fishing expedition.

Gone Rock Fishing?
My wife caught a large rock. It was a whopper and too big to haul in… so she went into the water to land the beast. I’m guessing it got away because she certainly didn’t carry a rock back with her. Maybe she did catch and release…
Gone Tree Fishing?
It has been a long time since I hooked a tree. Let me tell you, after an epic battle, this monster finally snapped my line and remains at large. Instead of a tall fish story… this is a tall tree story. Except I think mine is believable because of the photographic evidence.
Spring is definitely here.
I think my area of the Northwest only has three seasons… Spring, Summer, and Fall… and the fall is like 6 months long. But that’s okay because green is my favorite color.
My wife and I fishing for rocks
Yes, we were fish and rock fishing. But we needed a big boat, probably an aircraft carrier, to land this giant rock … *sigh*
The water was pretty but I wasn't sure there were fish in it
The water was pretty but I’m not sure there were fish in it because we sure as heck didn’t catch any fish.
The sun in a cloud or jet trail?
I’m 98.975-percent positive this is not an alien ship landing, but it looked really cool.

I liked this view but couldn't get a good picture of it

  Green moss on a long, winding branch

I had fun taking this photo
I had fun taking this photo … I almost look like a real photographer with this one : )

Bullets, Bourbon, Broken Fingers and More

When I went to Kentucky there were many things I experienced that I did not expect. Most of them were fun… some were annoying.

I visited family and friends one last time before returning to the academic world. I know some bloggers post several times a day, others post at least several times a week. I have not had time because I’ve been really busy relaxing. If you have ever had a vacation to relax with family and friends, then you know how busy a vacation can actually become.

Here is a brief summary of the things I saw and experienced over seven days in August 2012 to September 2012…bullets, bourbon, broken fingers, and more… Continue reading Bullets, Bourbon, Broken Fingers and More