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Pizza Hut to Test Market a 7 Calorie Pizza in Maine!

Hmmm… I am normally against genetic modification of food, but a 7 Calorie 14-inch pizza can’t be all bad. If a side effect caused me to grow a third arm at least I could finish my thesis faster 😀

My Wife and I are having a “Discussion” about F-O-O-D

My wife, the woman I dearly love, wrote:

My hubby and I are embroiled in a “discussion”. ;-) Yep, discussion. On how much food I like to keep available at any one time vs the available space in the kitchen. The food has rather taken over the kitchen, and even taken over part of the garage. I’m not one of those end-of-the-world preppers! But I do believe in buying things when they’re on sale so that I don’t have to pay full price later. But there have been some good sales lately, so everything is rather overflowing with food. read more…

I like to walk though the house without stubbing my toe on something random left on the floor. Granted, that freedom will not be there on a regular basis when we have kids. But stubbing my toe on a can of green beans is not cool.

Stuffed: Food Hoarders
Our house is not this bad, but it is also not as clean as I want it to be. (PHOTO: Inside the Kitchen of a Food Hoarder, cookingchanneltv.com)

I like to walk into a house, sit at the table… and not have to clean the table. I do not feel like my wife is a hoarder… but I do feel like we have too much food (and too much other stuff). Part of our problem is that my wife and I moved from an 1800 square food house, into a 450 square foot house… so every inch of our home and garage are already maxed out.

We have plenty of canned food. And plenty of dried food. I would like the space for just emptiness actually. I am a minimalist. Less is more.

I feel like a safe amount of food is enough for a month (4 weeks) if there was no income to buy more food. We have at least 10 frozen chickens in our freezer. My wife and I easily have more than a month of food (except for milk and fresh foods). So how much food is too much? If you are brave enough to wade into this “discussion” then I would love to hear your thoughts.

What to do with Used Coffee Grounds?

So today, while drinking my coffee and enjoying a day off after Christmas, my wife and I had the television on. We were watching Extreme Cheapskates on TLC while doing other things. In this particular episode, one of the people named Roy, talked about how he uses “used coffee grounds” to clean his windows with. Several of the things that are mentioned in the show are things my wife and I would never do because of health risks or just being disgusting. But using coffee grounds to clean with? That was intriguing, especially as I watched the show drinking a cup of coffee!

So I did a little googling and found some ideas.  Currently my wife and I only use coffee grounds to put in our compost. But these sites suggest other uses for Coffee Grounds:

Ideas range from cleaning dishes, to ant repellant, to furniture dye. Have you actually tried any of these? Do they actually work? Any tips or ideas you have will be greatly appreciated. I am a graduate student living on a budget so any money saving tips for my wife and I are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Marathon Training Issue #2: How Do I Find Time to Eat?

Marathon Training has entered week four. There are issues I planned for when I convinced myself to run my first marathon. I need time to train, I will need more food, at some point I will need a new set of running shoes, etc.

And then there are the unexpected issues that sneak up on me. The first issue I encountered is my clothing size is changing. But the new issue is another that I did not plan for despite my best efforts.

I planned with my wife that our food budget would need to increase because I would be eating more often. No problem. However, I did not plan for the time impact of eating.

I eat more often, and I eat more. I am not made out of time (considering I am a full-time graduate student and married). Cooking, cleaning up the dishes, and then the time just to eat the food. Yes, I do eat while I study… when I can. But I cannot study while I cook. And I cannot always study while I eat. And I cannot study while I clean up. And the fact that I am eating more often and more food in general means less time for other things.

How do I find time to eat? Yes, another marathon training issue I did not anticipate. At least I have not injured myself yet… which is what has derailed my marathon training efforts in the past.