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My Creepy Internet Stalker

I am visiting in the Philippines. A world apart from where I live and from where I grew up. My friends, my animals, my bike… they are all in the United States.

But I am not safe here… not from targeted commercial marketing by a creepy internet stalker. Why? Because my computer also knows I am in the Philippines. For that reason occasionally Google (see pic above) appears in Tagalog, and WordPress asks me if I want to read in Tagalog. Yahoo appears in Tagalog. I click no… but again, every other day, I am asked if I would like to switch to reading in Tagalog. And sometimes it switches Google without asking.

I am wondering if I will get Japanese writing on WordPress or Google when I pass through Tokyo.

Yes, it is handy that the internet can format Google to accommodate whatever country I am visiting. Yes, highly functional indeed! You know, highly functional …. in a creepy, someone is always watching me and tracking me kind of way…

To the messages that appear on Google and WordPress: No… I don’t want to read WordPress or Google in Tagalog. I said no the first, second, and third time already! Stop stalking me you creepy internet cookie monster!