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Are too many young people going to college?

A college education was once regarded as a first-class ticket to a better life.

But the rising costs of higher education, the burden of student loans and a less-certain job market have left many wondering: Are too many young people going to college?” — SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

College education is very important, but with the current tuition rates it appears to be a financial liability that outweighs the financial benefits. What do you think?

Oregon College Education is Broken (and Broke)

Many students do not think about the loans they will be paying back, at least not until after they graduate. But tuition rates in Oregon are projected to go up again.

For Southern Oregon University the tuition increase is to offset a $2.5-million budget shortfall. For Portland State, the combination of tuition and fees is going down slightly… partly by allowing students who do not have health insurance to opt-out of health insurance if they do not want it. At the University of Oregon, the most expensive public university, tuition and fees are expected to exceed $9300.

According to the Gazette Times, “OSU’s anticipated tuition increase is still less than what it saw last year, when it rose 8.1 percent. The tuition increases are partially due to the decreasing share of state allocations. The Oregon University System received 16 percent less in state funds for the 2011-13 biennium compared to the last biennium, or $691 million compared to $824 million.”

How are professors supposed to assign a textbook to read for class when the student tuition and fees are already so high? Textbooks add to the problem because the cost of textbooks has risen at a pace of 4-times the rate of inflation.

When is enough ENOUGH? California has been devastated by the college tuition crisis, and it feels like Oregon is following the same model. People of Oregon… demand better from your state’s leaders. Demand better for your children.

Student Loan Debts reach 1-Trillion Dollars

Last year, I asked students in my class a question which made a lot of them uncomfortable: “Why are you in college?” Some of them said to get a better job, some said to find a career, some said because they didn’t have anything else to do after high school, and some said because their parents told them to go to college.

But does college education bring a better job? It’s a little unfair to ask an 18-year-old to understand the intricacies of the job market and how a college degree will help them(approximately half of all recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed). But for many of these kids they did not understand the student debt aspect of it either. And now, many of them are paying for it.

Colleges across the United States are struggling to pay bills which results in  increasing tuition rates. The rate increases impact student debt, and for students to be entering college with such a low understanding of that debt is bothersome. Should an 18-year-old understand everything they are signing when it comes to money? Yes. Of course yes they SHOULD. But they don’t. Should students who want a college education finish college with student loan debt of $100,000 or more? No. Of course no. But they do.

What is the best answer? I don’t know. I don’t think college education is a “ponzi scheme,” but I do believe the costs that students pay for tuition is way too high… which leads to student loan debts of $100,000 or more. Personally as a graduate student I have over $60K in student loan debt, and it is a struggle to keep it lower while getting my PhD. When I hear about how much undergraduates pay for their tuition in California and Oregon it makes me cringe, especially when I hear they are paying with loans. Here are some other stories about debt struggles: Stories on Student Debt.

Today, the national student loan debt reached 1-Trillion Dollars. As a future college professor this saddens me. What do you think about  college student Debt?

Frequent Flyer Miles

Anyone have experience in transferring Frequent Flyer Miles from one person to another?

My research is a comparison of poverty in the United States and other countries. Using frequent flyer miles would certainly help offset the cost of the research.

Dear Monday, Life Really Tests my Patience

Dear Monday ~

Yes Monday, because I love Jesus… I forgive you. But Monday, let’s be honest… you’ve shortchanged me again. Honestly I’ve got more than enough patience… but waiting stresses me out and I need results NOW!!

~Ish Ism


re: Dear Monday, Life Really Tests my Patience


Dear Ish Ism,

Please see below:

Definition of patient: steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.



re:re: Dear Monday, Life Really Tests my Patience


Dear Monday,

Welllll, if I had less difficulty and adversity my patience would REALLY SHINE!!

1.) Still looking for my summer research site

2.) Wife still looking for a job

3.) The sun is out but I am stuck inside working (as usual)

Would you like me to keep going Monday? Life is not cheap Monday… and life is short.

~ Ish Ism


re:re:re: Dear Monday, Life Really Tests my Patience


Dear Ish Ism,

I understand fully your frustrations.

However, you are doing fine. You have a beautiful wife, your bills are all up-to-date, you are healthy, you have food, you live in a nice little house, you have friends who love you, and you have family who loves you.

So stop your whining! Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.



re:re:re:re: Dear Monday, Life Really Tests my Patience


Monday… why do you have to ruin a perfectly good rant!?!!?