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People May Be Using Animals found on Craigslist for Target Practice

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about animals being used as target practice to contact them.

According to KMTR: “A group of people in Marion County may be using Craigslist to find pets that they then use for target practice, police said. The group responds to “free domestic animals to good homes” postings according to Don Thomson of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The pets–specifically cats–are then reportedly used for shooting practice.”

Oregon has a notoriously high cat population. Even if this is some type of backlash/panic related to the plague that was contracted from a cat bite, using animals as target practice is disgusting.

Please contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information which can stop the people who are allegedly using animals as target practice.

Eugene Oregon the Greenhill Humane Society needs help to win the $100K challenge

Help the Greenhill Humane Society win the $100K challenge. Go to their website and vote everyday from April 5th to April 16th to get them into the next round. Tell your friends and family to vote!

For more info, check here: http://green-hill.org/home.html