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Today I Turned 38 Years Old …

Happy Birthday to meToday I turned 38.

While turning 38, there was not the wild anticipation of almost adulthood that comes from turning 13. There was also not the certification of not being a kid anymore that comes from turning 18. Furthermore, it was not the last legal hurdle that comes with the legal drinking age of 21 (in the United States). So, how do I feel about turning 38?

It’s not just a day… but it also does not have the marching band excitement that may have come with earlier birthdays. As I get older, I put more emphasis on slowing down. Not because my body moves slower (I do run marathons)… but I enjoy hikes and just being outside. Last night my wife and I attended a BBQ that was later followed by a band playing church worship music outside. It was nice and peaceful. When I was younger, this might have bored me. But last night, it was a nice escape to be able to sit and relax.

This morning, on my birthday, my wife and I had a Human Services inspector come to our house to make sure we were not dealing drugs or planning to take over the world. Exciting? No. But it is a step toward a life dream, a very big bucket list item that I have to be a foster parent and/or adoptive parent. So the inspection actually was a nice thing to happen on my birthday. Although, at the slow pace the Human Services inspectors have been moving, I am a little nervous about being certified as foster/adoptive parents… because it may not happen before my 50th birthday 😉

So, what is the most important thing I have learned over the years that I can share with you as I turn 38? Well, at times the people in my life have made my life difficult… but I have either learned from those experiences, or moved on so that those people are no longer part of my life. The truth is… life is best spent with the right people. I am not a billionaire, but the people in my life have made my life special. Turning another year older is not as important as spending years with the right people. Therefore, my birthday wish has already been granted because I have the right people in my life.

On my birthday, I wish you a life blessed with the right people… just like my life has been.