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Gone Fishin’ … for Rocks and Trees?

So my wife and I went fishing Saturday. Apparently we were not clear about our goals… which can be a problem in some marriages. You know the “C-word”: communication. I assumed we were going fishing to catch fish.

At least I had my camera with me to document our triumphant fishing expedition.

Gone Rock Fishing?
My wife caught a large rock. It was a whopper and too big to haul in… so she went into the water to land the beast. I’m guessing it got away because she certainly didn’t carry a rock back with her. Maybe she did catch and release…
Gone Tree Fishing?
It has been a long time since I hooked a tree. Let me tell you, after an epic battle, this monster finally snapped my line and remains at large. Instead of a tall fish story… this is a tall tree story. Except I think mine is believable because of the photographic evidence.
Spring is definitely here.
I think my area of the Northwest only has three seasons… Spring, Summer, and Fall… and the fall is like 6 months long. But that’s okay because green is my favorite color.
My wife and I fishing for rocks
Yes, we were fish and rock fishing. But we needed a big boat, probably an aircraft carrier, to land this giant rock … *sigh*
The water was pretty but I wasn't sure there were fish in it
The water was pretty but I’m not sure there were fish in it because we sure as heck didn’t catch any fish.
The sun in a cloud or jet trail?
I’m 98.975-percent positive this is not an alien ship landing, but it looked really cool.

I liked this view but couldn't get a good picture of it

  Green moss on a long, winding branch

I had fun taking this photo
I had fun taking this photo … I almost look like a real photographer with this one : )

What to do about a Bleeding Mole?

Hiking in the woods, www.ishism.com

My wife and I went hiking yesterday. It was a nice time to talk and get out of the house together.

One of the interesting things is that we happened upon a small ball of black fur wobbling across the trail. I was surprised to discover this was in fact a mole… wobbling back and forth… on top of the ground. I have seen moles in displays at the zoo. But for obvious reasons I have not seen a mole in the wild before.

Is that a mole? www.ishism.com

Hairy and Bleeding Mole, www.ishism.com

We watched it for a few moments. It was wobbling back and forth across the trail and it was cute at first. But as we watched it became apparent something was wrong. My wife saw some blood on the mole’s nose. Perhaps it was stepped on by an earlier hiker or dog? What do we do with a bleeding mole?

It was cute, but we did not have the time or the funding to bring it home to attempt to nurse it back to health (and we have three cats in our house).

My wife felt like it was wrong to leave the mole on the trail where it was just wobbling back and forth. But, it’s not like we could take it to a veterinarian either. So my wife picked the mole up with her jacket, and carried it away from the trail and set it down in the woods. At least here it would not be stepped on by unobservant hikers (hopefully)… and it would also be under some cover from potential predators.

What would you have done?

Old People Annoy me When I’m Hiking

Sunrise while Hiking Pike's Peak, ishism.com
Sunrise while Hiking Pike’s Peak, http://www.ishism.com

I love hiking. I don’t necessarily enjoy hiking mountains, but I like hiking around mountains. Several of my friends enjoy hiking 14ers in Colorado, and they have certain time goals to get to the top.

I have no interest in “racing” to the top. I am happy to hike for 4 to 6 hours and not even make it to the top of the mountain. I like the peace and the solitude of hiking, not the “goal” of notching another 14er off my list. Hiking around mountains gives me quiet time to pray, think, write, and relax. And occasionally hiking gives me photos to share.

This photo was taken on my way to the top of Pike’s Peak. I have not hiked a lot of 14ers, but Pike’s Peak is probably the most difficult I’ve done. When I did Quandary Peak it was covered in ice and snow, so that made the last mile really difficult.

Admittedly I do not take pride in hiking up a 14er as fast as I can. However, whenever an older man or woman in their 50s or 60s jogged past me… Continue reading Old People Annoy me When I’m Hiking