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This does not appear to be a hoax … human colony on Mars by 2023??

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By Hedge, the first man on Mars, 2023.

While most of the world obsesses over a few sporty types, and the television shows nothing but swimming, netball, swimming, running, cycling, swimming, discus, weightlifting, swimming and swimming (go Channel Nine!) those of us with a little perspective were instead awaiting a different type of milestone, one measured not in tallied medals but in the caught breath and nervous hope of a generation of NASA scientists.

That’s right. Curiosity has landed. The Mars Science Laboratory, the rover Curiosity has finally made the journey to the Red Planet. On board are countless scientific instruments; lasers, cameras, claw arms, spectral analysers – not to mention the dreams of nerdy children the world over. It’s the size of a small car, a six wheeled space-robot lowered to the surface of Mars by a rocket-powered skycrane. It’s got a 3D, high definition camera to record…

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