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Today I Fly to the USA! My Philippines Adventure

Today I fly to the USA
Why am I leaving!?

Yes, I must leave the Philippines. I hope to return in 18 months to do my sociology PhD focusing on poverty and healthcare. In the meantime I will finish my masters, teach, take more incredibly hard yet interesting classes, check out the Irish Rovers when they come to Seattle in November… and train for a marathon. Plus feed my chickens. In addition to all that I am married. So, you know… not too busy for a graduate student! Oh, and one week after I get back to the USA I am flying to Ohio and Kentucky to visit friends and family.

As for my flight. I left Manila, Philippines at 9:35 a.m. today… Tuesday, August 21st. And I will arrive in San Fransisco, California (USA) at 9:20 a.m. … today, Tuesday August 21st.

I’m not even using Dr. Emmett Brown’s 1981 DeLorean DMC-12. If you comprehend that reference you are SUPER-COOL!!

An Unexpected Beautiful Place to Eat Dinner! My Philippines Adventure

So we visited the Viewing Deck, a restaurant in Bacolod City.

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From the slideshow you can see some of the food we ate. My wife, bless her heart, was brave enough to eat one of the eyes from the grilled fish. Even though she ate it without a problem I could not make myself eat the fish eyeballs. That’s okay. I am still secure with my manhood despite my inability to eat fish eyes. Continue reading An Unexpected Beautiful Place to Eat Dinner! My Philippines Adventure