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“No Wrestling!?!?” Eh, That Will Not Ruin the Olympics for Me

 The Olympic Flag, www.olympic.org/

Among my bucket list of many dreams is attending the Olympics. I want to attend the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics at least once. I admire the skill, hard work, and grace that athletes have when performing incredible feats.

I am training for a marathon so I know how hard it is just to finish an event. To be competing against the absolute best in the world is something that is really admirable in Olympic athletes. The Olympics are so skill heavy that the number 10th place finisher isn’t necessarily a loser… it just means they are the 10th best at his/her sport. You know, 10th best in the “world.”

There are several must see events for me at the Summer Olympics:

  • Men’s and Women’s 100-meter dash: These athletes are smoking fast. I could have a 20-meter head start and still lose.
  • Men’s and Women’s Diving: Diving is graceful.
  • Soccer (football): The best footballers in the world representing their country in the most popular sport in the World. The energy will be second only to the World Cup.
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball: Mainly to watch USA basketball.
  • Weightlifting: This sport is boring … but I am amazed at the feats of strength. The weaklings are still at least twice as strong as I am if not more.
  • *and then stop in at other sports between the above events I want to see… such as volleyball, pole vault, swimming, etc*

* * *

Wrestling has history in the Olympics. And it seems bizarre for a Summer Olympics to not feature wrestling. Wrestling showcases amazing athletes using strength and speed. Not having wrestling at the Olympics is like a professional sports team that doesn’t have a mascot. It’s something that is supposed to be there because of tradition. The Olympics without without wrestling feels kinda Twilight Zoneish.

But I don’t go to a professional sporting event to see the mascot. And I never wanted to go to the Olympics to see wrestling. I have seen high school wrestling live and I have seen college and Olympic wrestling on television. To me wrestling is very boring to watch. Maybe if you are the parent, brother, or sister of one of the wrestlers it feels different, but to me it is boring. So my Olympic experience will not be negatively impacted by the absence of wrestling.

I believe my point of view of wrestling represents the casual U.S. sports viewer who pays attention once every four years… Continue reading “No Wrestling!?!?” Eh, That Will Not Ruin the Olympics for Me

Don’t (NOT) Vote!! Election 2012

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 11:  Green Party preside...

I voted for Jill Stein. I wish the country had a real third party alternative. Obama and Romney are both disappointing to me.

As far as elections go, this one has bothered me. With the instant memes possible with social media, and facebook, friends of mine who are Republican can instantly let me know why they hate Democrats. And my friends who are Democrat can instantly let me know why they hate Republicans.

Obama is a socialist dictator. Romney hates women. Blah blah blah.

This election, I honestly don’t care who wins. I am more interested in the election being over so that my friends return to normal. However, some of my friends have decided to not vote out of protest. And I have read stories of people deciding to not vote out of protest.

I have actually read that there are people who are protesting the fraudulent election choices by NOT voting. I do not agree with not voting, but I do agree with being frustrated with the sub par choices that the United States of America has been able to offer for the presidency.

I don’t care who you vote for… but I do hope you at least vote. The Senate, House, and state races are all very important for you. I understand their frustration with the past few decades of leadership… but I still think not voting is a failure. Don’t (NOT) Vote.

“Skinny Minnie Mouse” from Barneys’ the Fashion Standard or Fashion Faux Pas?

Barneys Skinny Minnie Mouse, change.org protest

Barneys Skinny Daisy Duck, change.org protest

As someone who studies society, I was very bothered when I saw these images of Disney characters. Girls and women have enough pressure put on them by photoshopped supermodels, anorexic actresses, and general media scrutiny. Lady Gaga is one of a list of celebrities who has taken some heat in the media for not being a size zero. I hope you will join me and others in protesting the Skinny Disney Character campaign from Barneys.

You can sign the online protest here: http://www.change.org/petitions/barneys-leave-minnie-mouse-alone

Top 10 Reasons I Miss the USA

USA Top Ten List / Philippines by IshIsm.Com
Top Ten Reasons I Miss the USA by Ishism.com

This is a list of the various things I miss about the USA during my research trip in the Philippines. It is not necessarily a cultural study … these are just the things that I, an American traveling in the Philippines, have missed about the USA.

10. Dairy

Vitamin A is one of the primary nutritional deficiencies in the Philippines. And, because of their geographic location and culture they simply do not eat a lot of dairy products. There is a saying, “Filipino cannot survive without rice.” Well, there should be another saying… “American cannot survive without cheese and milk.”

The food here is very good, but when I get home I want a giant chocolate milkshake.

9. Internet Access

I have WIFI, occasionally. However, because of my creepy internet stalker, NBC prevents me from watching the Olympics because I am in another country. I have looked for other internet access locations to view the Olympics, but being in the Philippines has proven to be an interesting challenge in staying globally connected. In the United States I could watch the Olympics and get streaming internet access 24/7.

8. Culture Shock

Culture shock. I drink coke in a bag, everything is shorter than I am accustomed to including doorways, and the water is not safe to drink. At the grocery store, packages of food are sold in much smaller sizes. Many things look similar to what I expect in the United States, but then they are slightly different. In the United States, my brain does not have to work extra hard to recognize Coca-Cola, toilets, or safe drinking water.

7. My Voice/Broken English

This is my fault, not the Philippines. I say it is my fault because I cannot speak Tagalog. I am traveling in a foreign country, but the only words I can understand are some of the Spanish words I pick up. So my speech pattern in English becomes broken into shorter sentences so that I can be understood… and I have adopted a slight Filipino accent which seems to make my words more recognizable.

6. Warped Time

Well, on the West Coast it is 6:31 p.m. Friday in the USA, while in the Philippines it is 9:31 a.m. Saturday morning. So that is one adjustment. The other adjustment is never knowing exactly when someone is going to arrive. An 11 a.m. meeting might mean the meeting starts at 10:30 a.m. or 11:15 a.m.

The warped time is not as bad as what I experienced in Uganda, where 11 a.m. meant sometime that day between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. I like knowing that if I say 11 a.m. is the time we meet, then people are going to arrive at 11 a.m. ish, you know… within a few minutes. Starting at 10:30 a.m. throws me off and starting really late frustrates me.

5. Toilet Paper

At public restrooms toilet paper is not provided in the stalls. You can bring in your own, or pay for toilet paper outside the stall. But there is none provided inside the actual stall itself. In the USA, I do not worry about toilet paper being in the stall. Sometimes the stall is empty, but I don’t go into the restroom KNOWING there will be no toilet paper provided freely.

4. Spiders and Lizards

In America, I normally do not enter a restroom looking at the ceiling to make sure there is not a giant spider or some type of lizard which might drop on my head. In the Philippines I have learned to check to make sure nature does not fall on my head!

3. Hiking

This is probably more of a familiarity issue. I do not know where is safe in the Philippines to hike. I am an introvert, so getting away from people is important for me to recharge emotionally/spiritually. In America one of the things I loved about Colorado was being able to hike in the mountains on a regular basis.

Here in the Philippines I have not had the luxury of being able to get away for half a day to hike and recharge.

2. The London 2012 Olympics

I learn about what is going on with the USA Olympic team through the international version of CNN. I am very happy for Michael Phelps, the Women’s soccer team, the Women’s gymnastics team and all the other wonderful gold medal winners. However, I have been unable to watch anything really… not even on tape delay because of where I am at in the Philippines… and because NBC does not share much internationally. Bummer.

1. Friends/Family

The people I have met here have been wonderful. I believe they genuinely want to help me. But I am also an American, which means when I travel to most countries the world becomes Disneyland. (This has not been true in Europe when I was in London). Everyone is nicer to me because I have the image of American money and the image of American warships. I do not think people are afraid of me, but I do know that because I am an American I get treated much better than the average Filipinos who are walking on the same streets and shopping in the same stores.

Some Americans get the warped idea that people in other countries are much nicer than Americans. This is not necessarily true. You see, I am a guest in the Philippines.

Because of the “niceness”… I miss friends and family. My friends and family know I am poor, and they have no issue telling me when I do something stupid. They are genuine. In the Philippines it feels like I am told what will make me happy.

Sometimes when I am mobbed by 3 sales clerks in a store while a Filipino customer is ignored, I imagine the song “Be … our… Guest! BE OUR GUEST! Put our service to the test!” ….

So, this is my top ten list of reasons I miss the USA. What do you think? Leave comments below and share with others! Have a wonderful day!

“No Balls” insult is a crime, punishable with a fine according to Italy’s Highest Court!


So, it is illegal to tell a man he has ‘no balls’ in Italy because it may hurt his male pride. This story ends with: A judge will now rule on the fine that Alberto should pay to Vittorio. The ruling, which comes after years of legal dispute, did not specify whether any insults against women should now also be considered crimes.

If insults against women that demean them and make them feel inferior are called a crime… then the court systems will be backlogged with cases for eternity!