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I Haven’t Had My Coffee Yet… Don’t Make Me Destroy You

In honor of International Coffee Day, from January 2014

ish ism

Don't make me destroy you #internationalcoffeeday

This is how I feel in the mornings when the kids wake me up two hours before my alarm goes off!

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What is “Sausage Sausage”??

sausage sausage

Awesome! Today’s special is for “Sausage Sausage.” My wife and I braved the snow storm to visit the grocery store today. But … what exactly is Sausage Sausage?


PHOTO: Sunset on the Oregon Coast

http://www.ishism.comThis was taken May 11th, 2013… on a day where I took a break from my master’s paper. Today, May 19th, I am finishing suggested revisions for the master’s paper … and it is due tomorrow. I hope you all understand why I have not been blogging consistently… considering flunking out of graduate school would not be cool. I hope to be blogging more and reading your blogs more in the near future. Have a wonderful day!