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Destruction of the Confederate Flag

This was an interesting twist in the Matthew Booster hate crime trial. As part of his punishment, Booster will forfeit the confederate flag that flew above his truck on the day he harassed a dark skinned boy. The flag will be turned over to police, and then the police will destroy it.

According to the Register Guard, Booster said in court that the flag was about “Southern Pride” and not about racism.

This is one of the most unique punishments for a crime I have heard of in a long time. What do you think?

Homer Simpson and Racism

There has been much excitement (and disappointment) about where the real Springfield is that Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer Simpson call home. Matt Groenig has gotten a lot of attention and probably had a lot of fun while teasing people about where the fictional town resides for “the Simpsons.” However, it is probably more than just fun which keeps him from naming the location of the town.

Imagine a tornado, earthquake, or flood wiping out a town named Springfield. That would be awkward to address in the cartoon. Or how about some of the stories which have recently come out of Springfield Oregon (which as of April 2012 was no longer the official home of the Simpsons):

KKK Pamphlets distributed

Four arrested on racial intimidation charges

How would Groenig address persistent racial tensions in the town of Springfield Oregon? Pretty easy… his town of Springfield currently does not have an official state. That way, whether it be natural disaster or white supremacy politics, Groenig can safely sidestep the issue and have fun in the world of “the Simpsons” and address political issues or natural disasters at his discretion. For that reason, Groenig may never name the official town of the Simpsons.