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Marathon Training Day 278: A Mild Running Injury

Yep, I injured my hamstring a little on Friday. One of my goals while training is to avoid a running injury. I am allergic to pain. Pain makes me irritable and occasionally makes my eyes water. Honestly, I have a high pain tolerance unless it is my back or my knees. The hamstring is not comfortable… but it is not as bad (to me) as a knee injury in terms of how I deal with the pain.

How did it happen? I was at approximately the 2 mile mark of my 8 mile run, and felt a sharp pain in my right hamstring. I did not stumble, trip, slip, dip, or make any other type of unusual stride. I felt the pain… I limped for a few jogging strides, and then stopped to stretch. After stretching for a couple minutes, I began a slow jog. For leg muscle injuries I either stop to rest the muscle, or I try to run through it hoping it will stretch it out. I’m not a physical trainer so make your own decisions about what to do with a running injury. I was unsure how to deal with this… so I tried jogging. It seemed to help… and throughout the day I have been stretching my legs.

I did not run 8 miles… I shortened it (wisely) to 4 miles because of the running injury. The 4 miles was mandatory whether I jogged it or walked it because I has halfway through my 4 mile running loop. Even if I had to limp 2 miles to my car, the two miles is what I had to do. Monday I will go to the gym and ride the bike to continue to rehab the leg. I do not think it is serious… and I should be back to 100 percent pretty quickly as long as I don’t push it.

How do you deal with muscle injuries? Personal trainer? Massage? A bottle of wine?

At any rate.. this running injury also means I don’t need to lift anything heavy for my wife for a while ;-D

Marathon Training Day 253: New Research Says Endurance Running May Damage Health

Marathon training is going well. Since rocking the Eugene Half Marathon I have been in somewhat of a holding pattern as I finished up the master’s paper. In addition, avoiding injury is really important to me. However, I did find the following article interesting: Really, Really Long Bouts of Exercise May Be Bad for You.

New Research Says Endurance Running May Damage HealthNew Research Says Endurance Running May Damage Health. Really? Have any of you been concerned about the strain that running more than 30-miles per week puts on your body? I have not been concerned about it… mainly because I was only running 30 or more miles for just a few weeks before I actually ran the Eugene Half Marathon. After the half marathon was done I backed my mileage down to 8 to 12 miles per week. But I was unaware of health issues potentially being associated with running more than 30-miles per week.

On a bright side, this research makes me feel better about how I train for marathons. Sometimes if I don’t feel good… I don’t run. Some days if I am having a great day… I don’t run. And when I am running, if something doesn’t feel right… I shorten my planned distance for that day. And I walk if I need to walk.

Some weeks I felt guilty for not being a dedicated runner, even though, at the end of the day the only person judging me is me. But this story makes me feel better about how I cater my running to how my body feels, instead of to a strict running program.

The Wall Street Journal, which is where the original story appeared, is titled: The Exercise Equivalent of a Cheeseburger. I was aware of knee and ankle problems, but I had never considered heart issues. What do you think? Were you aware of potential issues for running long distances such as the increased risk of heart disease?

Marathon Training Issue #9: Running for Charity — “Um, So How do I do that?”

Earlier this year I heard about the financial struggles faced by Womenspace, a domestic violence resource located in Eugene Oregon. Services provided by Womenspace include crisis intervention, advocacy, and education. The financial struggles forced Womenspace to close its walk-in advocacy program. When I heard this I wanted to help but was unsure how.

I began a fundraising drive with IR4C.COM. Through this platform you can make  tax deductible contributions Womenspace. I know for many people the economy is hard right now. But domestic violence does not go away in a bad economy. My guess is that it gets worse.

I was, and still am, raising money for Womenspace. I cashed out the first round of donations, which was $74… that went directly to Womenspace. When I ran the Eugene Half Marathon, I wore a Womenspace shirt to help promote them. I felt like I worked hard… but, how do I raise more money for this next marathon in Canby? If you have not heard of Fauja Singh, he has raised thousands of dollars for charity through his marathon runs.

Fauja Singh, espn.com

“His last [race] before complete retirement (he will continue jogging for leisure I am sure) will be the 10-K at the Hong Kong Marathon on 24 February,” Harmander Singh wrote in an e-mail to Runner’s World Newswire. “He is honoring a commitment and was invited to run again, being the highest charity fundraising individual last year (HKD $104,000).”–Runner’s World

Granted, being 101 would be a great attention getter… but Womenspace needs money now, and I won’t 101 for over half a century.

So how do I raise $100s or $1000s for Womenspace considering I am not 101-years-old? Your comments, suggestions, and help are appreciated.

Marathon Training Day 224: I Finished The Eugene Marathon

The 2013 Eugene Marathon, images

So stage one of my marathon training plan is now in the books as I train for the full Seattle Marathon in December. Sunday morning I ran in the 2013 Eugene Marathon… the half marathon. Continue reading Marathon Training Day 224: I Finished The Eugene Marathon

I run my first half marathon, the Eugene Marathon, this Sunday!!

I run my first half marathon, the Eugene Marathon, this Sunday!! I am running this for a bucket list item.

But I am also running to raise funds and awareness for Womenspace.

You are not giving money to me. You are giving money to women (and their children) who need help in domestic violence situations. If you would like to help, click here: http://bit.ly/Yz786f

I’ll update everyone tomorrow with pictures and my race time! Have a wonderful day!!