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Marathon Training Day 179: I Only Lost 4 Pounds Yesterday

The Running Trail that I do most of my marathon training on
The Running Trail that I do most of my marathon training on. I took this on my phone. If you have a good computer screen you can see the faint rainbow just above the tree tops (it is near the top of the tall, leafless tree in the center of the photo).

Yesterday I ran 13.56 miles in 2 hours, 18 minutes, 58 seconds. When I finished yesterday I felt like I had a full body “ouchie.”  I hydrated better without drinking too much water/gatorade, wore different clothes, and lost only 4 pounds during the run. Overall I felt okay when the run was over. A week or two ago when I lost a little over five pounds during a 12 mile run I did not feel great.

I am only concerned about the weight loss if it makes me dizzy, as in dehydration.

Some strange things happened during my run yesterday.

  1. My lower back mildly cramped up… but I kept running and it went away.
  2. My right leg, just below the right knee, cramped up a little… I kept running. That is a little tender today, so I am stretching and rubbing my legs. This means I may only do some stationary biking tomorrow instead of my normal 1.5 mile run/weight lifting.
  3. My right forearm cramped up when I was running. I have NEVER experienced this before. It did not scare me but it did surprise me. My right forearm is a little tender today, but in general my entire body feels tight but no pain.

Other than that, it has been a positive week for running. My fundraising website officially went up Monday, and my body has not needed duct tape to hold it together.