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Marathon Training Issue #5: Expert Runner Advice Wanted

Seattle Marathon

Apparently I have very little idea what I am doing in this marathon. I will be running in my first marathon this December. I thought I knew what I was doing until I saw the list of options to buy for the Seattle Marathon.

Those options are:

Bus Course Tour: ($20)

Post marathon Massage: ($18)

Carbo Load Dinner: ($23)

Lots of shirts, sweaters, etc: (various prices)

Acupuncture: (free)

Obviously this is not a crisis.

But which of the above options do I actually need considering this is my first marathon? I’m not going to be setting a land speed record in this event. My goal is to finish the race without stopping to walk. To do that, my main concern is wearing the right shoes (which I believe I have thanks to my wife).

The bus tour might be important but I’m not trying to win the race… just finish without walking. To me the only thing that looks worth while is the post race massage! What are your thoughts? Do dedicated marathon runners use the bus tour or carbo load dinner?

I am sure they are all nice things but I am on a budget.

In addition, I was slightly intimidated by the times the award ceremonies start. The men’s award ceremony starts 3 hours and 15 minutes after the marathon starts. I expect to still be running at that time. Seriously? I know the people who have a chance to win will beat me by at least an hour, but knowing they will be getting their awards while I am still running feels weird.

I hope the awards ceremony isn’t near the finish line. I don’t want to be in the background of someone’s award photo. I’m sure there will be an 80-year-old woman who passes me at the finish line… and then I will be in the background of someone’s award photo… getting passed by an elderly woman.