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I think this blog post is strange and unexpectedly wonderful, so I wanted to share it!

CSIROscope Blog

When we hear signals beamed back from Mars rover Curiosity’s landing next week, it will be poetry to the ears of mission scientists. We decided to get in the mood by writing some Mars poems. 

This week our communications team is enjoying the company of Harry, our 16-year-old work experience guy. Harry wants to be a science writer, so he’s been in training by writing (and counting syllables in) haikus, limericks and tankas.

Here’s a selection of Harry’s planetary poetry. Let us know which one is your favourite, or send us a haiku of your own. Props to @girlcallederin, @crystalsinger and @yourtutor who have already sent us a Mars haiku on Twitter today. Go Curiosity!


Team Haiku

As I touch the Martian surface

I lookout across the monotonous landscape

“Curiosity has landed”

– – – –

Here we go, we have lifted off!

All systems are go, approaching destination

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