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Kentucky Tourism

Well, this is my second time visiting family in the Blue Grass State. I have friends in Ohio and Indiana as well, so this journey from the Pacific Northwest allows me to catch up with a lot of people the old fashioned way (face to face!) Sure that may not be as trendy as Facebook , but I prefer face to face interaction. In addition, we don’t text each other while sitting on the couch. We actually talk to each other. I know I know… I am so 1950s.

Anyway, we have seen some of the basic sights in the area, and yes there is more than just Kentucky Basketball! But it is out of season for horse racing, otherwise we may have gone to see a horse race in the horse racing capital of the world. But we did make it to Berea College and toured part of the campus. For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you know that creating a free college is one of the more dynamic goals I have listed on my bucket list. Berea College is a mostly free college. Students do not pay tuition, but they do pay for books, room, and board. It serves over 1500 students, and is a respected college.

In addition to seeing part of the campus, we also visited some of the art shops run by local artisans.

Old Town Artist Village in Berea Kentucky

One of those artists in Berea Kentucky was Jimmy Lou at Hot Flash Beads. We were given a demonstration of how she created these beads. It was a fun experience because not only did we see the beads being made, we were also able to ask questions about the process.

We also stopped in at a weaving shop, and a glass blowing shop.

weston studio glass At Weston Studio Glass, we were able to talk to Michelle Weston. Just like Jimmy Lou, we were given a demonstration of the glass blowing process and were able to ask questions along the way. It was really a fun experience, and the glass art was exceptional. Each one is individually made, making it instantly unique.


And then, of course, we included fishing on our trip. My wife and I are unable to catch fish in Oregon. When we went fishing with her dad in Kentucky, we caught two turtles which we threw back, a tree branch which we threw back, three small fish which we threw back. We caught and kept one decent sized crappie, one decent sized catfish, and one large catfish. So, we will not starve 😉

We have had an interesting difficulty with one-day fishing licenses while in Kentucky. When we were here two years ago, Wal-Mart told us that no one in the state sold one day fishing licenses. We went to a bait shop by the lake, and were sold a one-day license. So this time, we went to the bait shop by the lake for our one day fishing license. And guess what? His machine was broken that day. So we went to Meijer, which was able to sell us a one-day fishing license.

Moral? Um… I guess call around the day you want to go fishing in Kentucky to see which store can sell a one-day fishing license.  Regardless, we enjoyed fishing!

Sunrise: Kentucky Fishing
This is the lake we went fishing on.

The Oregon Coast Near Florence

Went to the Oregon Coast on Saturday. Our goal was to see the sunset and get amazing photos of pink, orange, purple and red on the ocean… the forecast the day before said clear skies on the website we checked…

When we first arrived, the sun was out and the clouds were fluffy white in the blue sky.
Oregon Coast near Florence, sun and clouds, beach, http://www.ishism.com

And then the clouds started to get dark and roll in …


Below is our last glimpse of the sun before the clouds totally invaded…


Rays of sunshine poking through the clouds over the ocean…


So we did not get to see the sunset… but we still got some good photos.

Photos: Reflecting On Seattle

At Seattle’s Pike Place Market, we found a photographer who uses simple (yet genius) camera angles to take amazing photographs. Scott Cahill Rude, owner of Reflecting on Seattle, was very nice to talk to… and if you are in the Seattle area I encourage you to stop by his shop.

Here are samples of his work:

Reflecting on Seattle, Scott Cahill Rude
Reflecting on Seattle, Scott Cahill Rude

How to eat Rambutan?

How to eat Rambutan, www.ishism.com
Rambutan in the Philippines

Rambutan is one of the fruits I ate while traveling in the Philippines. The spikes of the reddish fruit peel are fairly soft, almost rubbery. I was disappointed by Rambutan I found in the U.S. after returning from the Philippines. The ones I found in asian markets were red and brown… the kind of brown which indicates overly dry.

How to eat Rambutan?

  • Pull the fruit open with your fingers
  • Then pull the fruit out of the peel. In the Philippines I was taught to pop the fruit into your mouth.
  • You chew it, but chew around the seed. Don’t chew or eat the seed.
  • When you are done chewing around the seed, spit the seed out.

It tasted similar to grapes to me. My favorite food in the Philippines was the fresh mangoes. In the United States mangoes taste horrible to me, but in the Philippines I loved them. Tasting new food is one of the best parts of traveling because I discover new things.

The interesting part is that rambutan and mangoes were new experiences for me. But rambutan is something I had never heard of before… and mangoes I knew existed. I had tasted mangoes and hated them. Just looking at the rambutan I would not have guessed it was something edible. But it tastes really good. And I would not have known mangoes existed that I enjoy eating if I did not travel abroad.

But because of my willingness to try foods in the Philippines I had two NEW experiences with food. So what are some of your good surprises with new foods?

Bullets, Bourbon, Broken Fingers and More

When I went to Kentucky there were many things I experienced that I did not expect. Most of them were fun… some were annoying.

I visited family and friends one last time before returning to the academic world. I know some bloggers post several times a day, others post at least several times a week. I have not had time because I’ve been really busy relaxing. If you have ever had a vacation to relax with family and friends, then you know how busy a vacation can actually become.

Here is a brief summary of the things I saw and experienced over seven days in August 2012 to September 2012…bullets, bourbon, broken fingers, and more… Continue reading Bullets, Bourbon, Broken Fingers and More