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Marathon Training Issue #4: Is there a correlation between Marathon Training and Acid Reflux?

Greetings loyal readers! My marathon training has gone fairly well. I am consistently running four miles without stopping to walk on Saturday mornings. New shoes are still on my agenda before I start running longer distances. However, I have noticed something strange in the last couple weeks.

Three times on two different days I have experienced acid reflux. I did not have ANY acid reflux before I started my marathon training. What might be causing this? According to WebMd, acid reflux can be related to eating a large meal (I eat a lot now that I am running). I am also a graduate student… so could it be stress related to grad school? I am guessing it is related to me eating more. However, my meals aren’t that much larger than they used to be. I am eating more often during the day… but I am only eating when I feel hungry.

What is the answer to increasing my intake of food without experiencing acid reflux while doing this marathon training? If you are reading my blog and have other helpful tips to keep me from injury, or to become a better runner, please share them.